5 Simple Nail Art Designs For People Who Are Bad At Nails
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 5 Simple Nail Art Designs For People Who Are Bad At Nails

Do you find complicated designs intimidating but love neatly manicured nails? These designs are ideal for novices or those seeking simple, uncomplicated ideas. Let’s explore the realm of simple nail art designs, from lively color combinations to minimalist chic style. Prepare to take your nails from plain to amazing!

1. Wavy Reds

Wavy Reds

How can I paint a straightforward wavy pattern on my nails?

The secret to creating a wavy red design is to paint with your brush freely. To preserve your nails, start by applying a clear base coat. After it dries, select vivid red nail paint and apply a tiny quantity onto a palette. As you draw lines across each nail, wave your hand after dipping a fine detail brush into the varnish. It’s important to keep things simple and let the wave unfold naturally. To add a professional touch and seal in your design, use a glossy top coat. Recall that the purpose of this is to have fun and personalise your nails art designs, not to achieve perfection.

2. White Stripes

White Stripes

What’s an easy way to add a chic touch to my nails?

 White stripes can transform your nails from plain to sophisticated with just a few strokes. After applying a base coat, choose a nude or light pink polish for a subtle background. Once your base color is set, take a thin brush or striping tape and paint one or two white lines on each nail. You can go for parallel lines, a single stripe, or even a cross pattern. The simplicity of the white on a neutral base exudes elegance and is perfect for any occasion. Finish with a top coat to ensure your design lasts.

3. Statement Star

Statement Star

How do I make a statement with my nail art without too much effort?

 A statement star designs is a perfect way to add a pop of artistry to your nails without requiring intricate skills. Paint your nails with a base coat followed by two coats of your chosen color. Once dry, use a stencil or freehand a star shape on an accent nail using a contrasting polish. This singular bold star will stand out, especially if you use a metallic or glitter polish for added sparkle. It’s a simple yet impactful way to express your style.

4. Shimmering Tips

Shimmering Tips

Is there a simple way to make my nails look elegant? 

Shimmering tips are a quick and easy way to add a dash of glamour to your nails. Apply a sheer base coat for a natural look, or choose a soft pink for a hint of color. When it’s dry, apply a thin line of glitter polish just at the tip of your nails, similar to a French manicure but with more pzazz. This nail art designs is subtle enough for daily wear yet fancy enough for special occasions. It’s also a great way to disguise any nail growth at the base.

5. Pastel Mismatch

Pastel Mismatch

How can I use multiple colours in my nail art without it looking overwhelming?

 A pastel mismatch is a delightful way to incorporate various colours into your nail art. Choose a palette of pastel polishes and apply a different color to each nail. The soft tones of pastels make them easy to mix without clashing. For a harmonious look, repeat the same color sequence on both hands. This design is forgiving for those with less steady hands, as the focus is on the color rather than precision.

How do I make my nails stronger?

stronger nail

Take a Biotin Supplement

Biotin, a member of the B vitamin family and a contributor to stronger nails, is sometimes referred to as vitamin H or B7. Since it dissolves in water, the body cannot keep it, thus you must eat it frequently. Sardines, boiled eggs, and legumes are good sources of biotin; you can also take a supplement. But before using any new supplement, always get advice from a medical practitioner.

Reduce Your Water Exposure

Your nails art designs may become brittle and weaker after a protracted dip in water. When cleaning or doing the dishes, put on gloves, and try to avoid getting your hands wet while taking a bath.

Remain Hydrated

Maintaining adequate hydration is essential for good health in general, including strong nails. Sufficient hydration aids in nail moisture retention.

Keep Your Diet Balanced

Make sure your food is full of nutrients, and think about taking a multivitamin that includes minerals. A shortage of vital nutrients might have an impact on the condition of your nails.

Apply Mild Nail Products

 Harsh chemicals used in many nail treatments and polishes can damage nails. Choose acetone-free polish removers and nontoxic nail polishes. Additionally, use caution when using household cleansers and hand sanitizers as they can weaken and dry out nails.

Moisturise Often

Every time you moisturise your hands, also hydrate your cuticles and nails. This helps stop breaking and brittleness.

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